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Minneapolis–Saint Paul Carpet & Floor Cleaning - Satisfying Twin City Customers for 44 Years!

Looking for a dependable carpet or floor cleaning service? Georges Cleaning Systems has been accommodating the carpet cleaning, floor cleaning and floor restoration needs of the twin city metro area for 44 years.

We understand that "life happens". Carpets get soiled from daily use. Spills cause stains that home cleaning products simply can't remove. Floor tiles and grout get dirty, chipped and craked. Pipes burst, roofs leak, mold and mildew invade.

Georges Cleaning Systems is available to solve all your carpet cleaning, stain removal, area rug cleaning, ceramic tile and furniture cleaning needs!

Regardless of whether you'd like to have your carpets cleaned for the holidays or if you need emergency water removal and mold remediation, call Georges Cleaning Service and become another of our thousands of satisfied Twin City area customers.

We have ‘state of the art’ carpet cleaning cleaning and drying equipment and the certified training, as well as the valuable experience, required to operate it proficiently. You will never feel pressured into any service that you do not want, and you will always be the one making the final decision. Please look at the services we offer.

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